Cabochon cut gemstones we feature include:

  • Turquoise from the USA, Mexico, Tibet, and Iran
  • Fine to top gem fire agates from Mexico and the USA
  • Gem silica chryscolla from Mexico and the USA
  • Gem azurite/malachite from Mexico and the USA
  • Gold in Quartz
  • Fine lapis lazuli
  • Agates and jaspers from everywhere
  • Antique hardstone cameos and intaglios
  • Fine moonstones and sunstones
  • Star and clear sapphires and other corundums
  • Opal from Australia, Mexico, and Ethiopia
Montana Moss Agate:

Gem Silica Chryscolla - USA:

Gem Silica Chryscolla - USA:

Mixed Agate Pairs:

Turquiose - USA: 

Fire Agates: